Palu: Beds, baskets, and more

June 3, 2014

Palu is a home furnishings company out of Seattle, and their pieces have popped up in our designs quite a bit of late. We admire their pristine craftsmanship and affordable prices, prices that make it possible to accommodate tight budgets but still provide beautiful products that our clients adore. I’d love to share with you some of the specific pieces we’ve used around town and hopefully introduce you to a new collection that you and your home may connect with and enjoy someday, too.

One of our favorite Palu pieces is the Copley bed. Note the spiral woodwork detail in the bed posts that make it lavish yet elegant, too. The bed also comes in a winsome white. I think one of the reasons I love this bed is that it is very much like a bed I remember from my grandmother’s house that then ended up at my parents’ house. My niece (the only girl granddaughter) has it now.

Another piece of Palu furniture we’ve used recently is the Marbella bed. We decorated a house in downtown Charleston and found that this piece along with its matching bedside tables were the perfect complements to this particular home. The bed is simple yet majestic and unique. Handsome yet delicate.

One of the Kiawah Island homes we designed called for a set of dining chairs. We wanted something slightly nontraditional while remaining minimalist. These Gramercy chairs seemed the perfect fit, and they’re extremely comfortable, too. Aren’t they charming?

And since we also do interior design for businesses, we were recently on a search to find the perfect chair for a doctor’s office in Mt. Pleasant, SC. We wanted it to have that special something without being a distraction. What we found is this lovely Fenwick chair.

And lastly, we love these Hampton nesting baskets. They can fulfill so many uses, but we think they’re stunning containers for firewood or even toys. Because let’s face it; every home could use a pretty place to store the knickknacks and whatnots. And these baskets sure do keep it cozy.

What’s the next piece of furniture or decor you’d like to accent your home with?