Prints Galore

October 11, 2012

There is no telling, or logic for that matter, as to what inspires us on any given day. Some days it is more profound than others. For today, it is all of the incredible fall prints that are stimulating us daily. The new books are arriving! The new clothes are hitting stores! We just can’t get enough prints.

Image from the Tory Burch Fall Look Book
Tory Burch Look Book
Another Image from the Tory Burch Fall Look Book


COLORS!  TEXTURES!  Using prints upon prints!


Villa Romo Fabrics
Villa Romo Fall 2012
Romo Stripes
Romo Stripes Fall 2012
Designers Guild
Designers Guild Fall 2012


Prints are alive and well.  These are the perfect illustrations of the design world’s current passion for print, color, texture and for using them confidently.  Some solids are so textural that they can count as a print.

Everyone is doing it.


Storyboard from MDI
An inspiration board from MDI full of color and pattern
Hickory Chair High Point
A snapshot from the Hickory Chair Showroom from April 2012…ie….what’s up for this fall!


Go be confident!  Mix your prints!