Reflecting on a Road Trip

September 11, 2012

Several times a year, MDI packs up the car and hits the markets. Atlanta and High Point each host markets twice a year where furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories galore are on display with the newest season’s additions. Sounds fun, right? Right! (note tiny hint of sarcasm).

Yes! High Point and Atlanta are some of the most inspirational, fun and stimulating weeks of our design year but they are by far some of the most exhausting. Up and hitting the booths by 8 am not to retire for dinner until 7:30 pm. Whew. Taking pictures left and right. Taking notes in hopes of remembering everything that we have seen.

In honor of this falls impending trip (October 15-18), here are some favorite images from markets past.

Jonathan Adler Blankets
These blankets by Jonathan Adler not only add great color but they feel oh so yummy! We may or may not have come home with almost one in every color. Oops.
Pearson Company Palm Chair
So refreshing to see a new way to use palm fronds at the Pearson showroom
Dwell Studios
Dwell Studios is taking the industry by storm. Not only do we love their pieces but we love how they use them. Instead of one large double dresser, why not push two together? What flexibility if you ever move!
Dwell Studio Leather Chair
Dwell’s Hans Leather chair….not your husband’s leather chair. This is a leather chair that we can get behind.
Blow Up Sofa Bed
Margaret tests latest in sofa beds, an inflatable mattress. Guest are now going to ask to sleep on your fold out sofa.
Lacquered Lamp Shades
Lacquered lamp shades! We are particularly fond of one color inside and one color outside.
Lamp filled with nautical
We’re pretty sure these are trying to make a comeback from the 70s….
Atlanta Side Table
This table costs how much?!
Amy putting her feet  up
Pretending to test the chair for a client’s porch, Amy really just wanted a reason to put her feet up.

And don’t forget to check back to see more stories from the road and even better, this season’s exciting finds!