Remembering Abby

January 6, 2023

Friends, we have bittersweet news to share. Abby Donaldson, our beloved family and team member, passed away peacefully on November 25, surrounded by her family. She had a mercifully short battle with cancer; in fact, just the day before she was cavorting with her Golden cousins at Thanksgiving and even stole a brownie off the dessert table. Her loss is the bitter part of this news, but her memory is the sweet part. While we would never have had enough time with her, we did have more than nine years of fun, joy, and comfort together and it would be hard to imagine a better life for any of us who loved her.

For those who’ve followed us or worked with us, you know that Abby was an integral part of MDI, and the Donaldson family. When she was just eight weeks old, she’d come to the MDI office and hang out in her playpen while we worked. As she grew (and learned about the art and science of design!) she went to meetings and for car rides to Kiawah to check on projects. In the office she greeted clients, delivery people, and welcomed all the other MDI dogs who came to work. Well, maybe we should say she tolerated all the other dogs, as she knew she was special!  She loved trying out dog-friendly textiles and we trusted her judgement when it came to comfort and style.

At home, Abby’s favorite thing was jumping off our dock for a swim. She loved meeting new people, naps on the porch, and her regular snacks of baby carrots.  Most of all, she loved us and we loved her to the moon and back. As we go into this beautiful new year, we carry her with us in our hearts.