Rhodes Boutique Gets a Makeover from the MDI Team

March 14, 2018

The MDI Team recently finished a fun project at the Rhodes Boutique in West Ashley. The boutique is located in the South Windermere shopping center. Clients love it because it’s close to downtown and has plenty of free (!!!!) parking. The owner, Caroline Rhodes, buys what she loves and what she knows her customers will love.

We caught up with Caroline after the makeover was complete to see what she thinks about the transformation:

MDI: First, how did you decide to hire Margaret Donaldson Interiors when you decided to renovate your space?

Caroline: Margaret is a long time personal friend, and has done the interior design for my home. In a very small way I worked with her in the Southern Living Designer house on Daniel Island about 10 years ago – I donated maps for wall paper.

I love the way Margaret thinks, and watching her pull things together, especially from a conceptual perspective. I knew my shop needed a new look. I had some ideas, but I had no idea how to create a cohesive look and feel. I called Margaret and asked her if she could help me. She said she hadn’t done a retail space design before, but her senior designer, Alexis Wilks, and she were up for the challenge.

MDI: You were in good hands, indeed! What were you hoping for in the new design?

Caroline: I needed a quick turn around, three weeks, so I was hoping for a simple plan, but one that showcased our merchandise, and provided an easy way for our customers to shop.

MDI: What was it like to work with Margaret and Alexis?

Caroline: Working with them was a pleasure. Margaret and Alexis were able to assess the flavor of Rhodes Boutique, highlight the most important features, work with contractors to create a design that met the needs of my shop, manage the project and keep an eye on the timeline, and stay positive no matter what.

MDI: How did it turn out?

Caroline: I am delighted at the end result! First of all we were able to get reopened in three weeks, which is unheard of. When a customer comes in for the first return visit, watching them stand at the door trying to take in all in, and hearing their gasps and wows makes me smile.  When our customers love what we have done, and enjoy spending time in the shop with us, I am happy.

MDI: You’ve got a grand re-opening coming up. Tell us about it.

Caroline: We are open for business now, but the Grand Reopening will be on Tuesday, March 20th, 10:00 a.m. We will have specials, drawings and sample tastings of our food items throughout the day and a casual cocktail party from 4-7. I wanted to invite our customers to meet Margaret and Alexis, our contractor, Justin Roland, of King and Society, LLC, and our cabinetmaker, Robert Allen of Inspired Closets.

It’s an event that showcases their talents and welcomes our customers and friends to celebrate 18 years in business for me, with a lot of changes in the last year. We changed our name last year to Rhodes Boutique, and this year we have a brand new look. It’s all very exciting!

We hope to see you at the Rhodes Boutique this Tuesday for the grand re-opening celebration!