A Sweet Downtown Dental Suite

September 20, 2016

In our last blog post we wrote about how designing for commercial spaces, especially medical offices, requires a different approach than designing for private homes. Our Modern Medical Office project brought in plenty of natural elements to create a soothing environment. Though still a medical office, in our Downtown Dental Suite project we had leeway to have a bit of fun. This orthodontics office in downtown Charleston is where plenty of Lowcountry kids and adults get braces. The atmosphere is usually light, so we incorporated fun elements to add to that vibe.


A soothing blue color scheme sets the stage, while contrasting accessories and surfaces add a playful feeling.


The bubble gum themed counter tops liven up the space, and are a favorite with kids.


Speaking of kids, a built-in game room gives younger patients a place to burn off nervous energy and pass the time in the waiting room.


The round reception desk allows staff to interact with multiple patients at once. Horizontal stripes create a feature wall and add a sense of youthful motion.


We took advantage of the locations abundance of natural light. Roller sun shades allow staff to filter the brightness without blocking the view. Using chairs instead of a combination of sofas and chairs helps the space feel contemporary.