Top 2015 Winter Design Trends

December 14, 2015

Whether it’s fashion or interior design, Charleston tends to have it’s own take on national and international trends. Here are a few Winter design trends that will be right at home in Lowcountry décor this season:

Rose Gold, Gold Leaf and Brass



Did Apple start this trend with the new rose gold iPhone or were they early adopters of this trend? Like everyone else, we love it. The color is feminine while the metal is masculine. It’s the perfect balance, a refreshing change, and very modern. Gold leaf gets a big thumbs up, too. “It adds shine and interest to Charleston’s cool, neutral palates,” Margaret says. While brass certainly has a place in traditional accents and lighting, too much brass can feel nautical – a trend Charleston is leaving behind.

Organic Shapes, Fibers and Themes




For years Lowcountry style has been ahead of this international trend. “The ocean, the marsh and the pine forests are such an inspiring part of daily life in the Lowcountry. We’ve always loved botanicals, natural fibers and nature-inspired art,” Margaret says. “This may be a trend in the rest of the country, but it’s an anchor for Charleston style.”

Natural Wood


Charleston’s talented craftspeople are gaining recognition for their creations made from salvaged wood from historic homes. “Charlestonians are used to seeing salvaged wood furniture in local restaurants and shops, and many have already incorporated pieces into their own homes,” Margaret says. It’s a wonderful trend that adds character and warmth to a room.”

Gray and Indigo


This is an international trend that works so well in Charleston homes. Gray in particular is a cool neutral that is a fantastic backdrop for everything from industrial blacks to feminine pinks. Gray tones have roots in Charleston’s history – and this color will stick around for a long time. “The international design community is also embracing midnight blue, but in Charleston we interpret it as Indigo because of the wonderful historical connection,” Margaret says.

Vintage Travel and Science


Old maps, globes, vintage light fixtures, suitcases, Victorian travel memorabilia and insect specimens preserved under glass have been sneaking into décor for a couple of years. We say yes to old (or reproduction) Charleston maps and vintage or industrial fixtures as accents. We love the insect trend too, believe it or not, maybe because Charleston’s own Mini (Mariana) Hay of Crogan’s Jewel Box is resurrecting the old Victorian trend with such graceful Charleston flair.


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