Turquoise in the House: 14 Ways to Use Blues

July 22, 2014

Adding a pop or two of blue is the perfect way to celebrate summer or beckon blue skies when it’s gray out. Whether it’s a baby blue wall, a turquoise chair, or aquarium blue throw pillows, there are plenty of options to help brighten the mood while embracing the blues.

Here are 14 ways to use blues, as seen in our own designs. We hope you enjoy the sneak peaks into the homes we’ve decorated and find some inspiration for yourself, too.

1. Blues in the bathroom

2. Turquoise is enchanting against yellow.

3. Rustic blue

4. Blue books make for great pops of color.

5. Trendy turquoise countertop

6. Sky blue Aztec wall decor

7. When blues accent beige…

8. Cozy blue blanket and chairs

9. When just a dash of blue will do

10. The room comes together with the wall art and rug.

11. Turquoise makes this duvet so vibrant.

12. When blues add warmth

13. How to match the patio and the pool

14. Sky blues in the dining room

What accent piece brings out the blue in your home?