2023 Met Gala Style

May 4, 2023
Ion Eclectic

The 2023 Met Gala is fashion’s biggest event of the year. It is the time for celebrities to make statements in their thoughtfully curated outfits. At this year’s event, celebrities were asked to dress in honor of designer Karl Lagerfield, and they did not disappoint. This year’s outfit lineup is evidence of the close connection between fashion and interior design.

Feminine Elegance

Nicole Kidman was radiant in her iconic 2004 Chanel dress designed by Karl Lagerfield. The blush hues and subtle sparkle remind us of this timeless dining room.

Cream and Trim

Dua Lipa co-hosted the 2023 Met Gala in a 1992 Chanel ball gown designed by Karl Lagerfield. The timeless ball gown is designed in a cream tweed and adorned with simple black trim and tassels along the hem. We love the classic simplicity of it, much like this light and airy guest room.


Expect the Unexpected

Huma Abedin also supported Karl Lagerfield with this feathered 2017 Fendi dress. Blue is a calming, seasonless, and dependable color, and we love to see it used as a pop of color. Just like Huma’s dress, this warm living room showcases beautiful patterned soft blues against classic neutrals.

Black and Gold

Karlie Kloss showed off a baby bump in a black and gold dress inspired by a Lagerfield-designed 1983 Chanel number, proving that black and gold will never go out of style. Much like this tasteful bookshelf, the all-black look paired with gold accents creates a sense of bold luxury. 


Monochromatic Green

Elizabeth Cordry Shaffer looked stunning in a draped mint-green Fendi dress, proving that green is the color of rejuvenation and inspiration. The color of her dress is almost an exact match to the greens in this lively bunk room.

Clean Neutrals

Ben Platt’s sequined Wiederhoeft suit with black trim created clean, geometric lines that are both simple and elegant. Creating a similar sleek, modern design was the goal for this award-winning vacation home with its subtle neutral tones and smooth dark trim.

Bold Color

Grace Elizabeth donned a striking ball gown in varying shades of pink. The eye-catching colors remind us of this beautiful vivid guest bedroom. Colorful luxury at its finest!

We love drawing inspiration from fashion, so the Met Gala is always such an exciting event every year. Check out more of our fashion-inspired designs in our portfolio!